25 – Judgement (8/16/2021)

A good friend of mine and I entered a puzzle contest that was posted online. The winning teams get to tour an experimental space plane and take a short ride in it (across the country in an hour and a half). Andrew and I actually won a slot! This was quite a surprise to us since we kind of did it last minute. We were given instructions to proceed to an airport in a state nearby. This seems to be happening so fast! We then make our way down to the airport. We had to drive to Georgia but the ride seemed to go quick.

When we arrived we got to meet the other winners. We notice most of the people are scientists and engineers. Andrew says, “I guess that makes sense, who else would enter a puzzle contest about a space plane?”

Everyone boards the plane and we soon take off. This thing is sweet! We cruise right up to altitude in no time at all. It’s also a very quiet ride; you can hardly tell you are in the air. A view screen in front of us shows that we are moving at Mach 4.5!

Andrew peers out the window. “Is the engine supposed to be doing that?” He questions as the pilot turns on the intercom. “We are experiencing some minor engine trouble folks and will be descending shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts and remain calm”.  I quickly look out the window as the plane starts to slow to subsonic speeds. There is a dark smoke trail behind us.

We descended a few thousand feet and I notice all that lies ahead of us are a bunch of mountains. The plane rapidly pitches down and then levels out just a few hundred feet off the surface. There is a massive mountainside approaching fast. This is it. I turn to Andrew and nervously say “Well, I hope you are ready to meet our maker!”  Only seconds to go, is there any way we can get out of this? Pull up!

Too late! We flew right ‘through’ the mountainside, it was a hologram! We also noticed there was a simulated explosion shown behind us. The simulated smoke from the engines stopped and we landed at a secret base. Andrew and I look at each other bewildered. We are happy to still be breathing but what has just happened? A voice comes over the intercom and tells us the situation.

As it turns out, the base is a single use portal that works by creating a micro black hole to teleport the plane across vast distances in space. The micro black hole consumes the base in the process and the device would take a year to rebuild. So the space plane has to fly back to Earth. By this point we realize that everyone on the plane has no immediate family (no spouse or kids). We are told we have been selected to save mankind from annihilation by jumping to another star system. “Um, what?” We both say nearly simultaneously. Why on earth were we selected?

We are informed that a jar of scrolls was found along with the Dead Sea Scrolls collection that contained a prophecy of the judgement of mankind. It also included interstellar coordinates and a schematic of the black hole machine used to power the base. The scientists think the nearby star system is going to go supernova and irradiate the Earth if we don’t find a way to stop it. Some of the scientists think we can offset the reaction by launching 6 massive nuclear weapons towards the star and detonating them in series equidistant from the surface. This would “set off the chain reaction early, disrupting the directional intensity to save mankind.”

Before we know it we see a blinding flash of light and a large void open in front of us. In an instant we are now many lightyears from Earth. The base is gone and our view is replaced with unfamiliar stars.

One of the scientists alerts the arms master, “Prepare the nukes!”

Andrew then interjects, “I think we need to jettison the nukes that are on board if we are to be judged. Your scientists have mistranslated this prophecy; we are to be judged by an Archangel. If we bring weapons of war with us we are to be found guilty and mankind will feel unending wrath.”

The scientists laugh this notion off. “What do you know and when did you become an expert in prophesy translation?” So they decide to proceed with the plan.

Andrew turns to me and says, “I just had a vision, these men are wrong and will destroy us all. You have to believe me!”

He was extremely convincing to me. So we decide we are going to find a way to jettison the nukes ourselves. We then proceed to follow the arms master down to the weapons control room.

Andrew notices a large red button labeled “Weapons Release” and points it out to me. I give him a distraction by bumping into the arms master.

“Hey! Watch it! We are sitting on over 900 megatons of blasting power here!”

Andrew darts across the room and slams the button. We hear a loud screech, a thud, and then we see a blinding flash of light! It’s done..

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